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Offshore Printing: High Volume, Low prices

While the bulk of Pardigm’s printing is done in Australia, some large projects cost less to produce offshore. Most of our projects are cheaper to print locally because of prohibitive importing costs that aren’t absorbed in smaller jobs. If you have a larger project you are wanting to produce and can afford four to six week turnaround times, we can advise if your project is cheaper to print offshore or locally.

In 2008 due to client demand for large run book projects, Paradigm established relationships with competitive, reliable suppliers from Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. We visited these factories in 2009, 2010 & 2011 to inspect their state of the art facilities and forge strong relationships with their respective client managers. One of our Korean suppliers has an interesting workplace practise involving physical exercise routines at the beginning of the day for all staff members. This practise is aimed at raising staff morale to focus on delivering high quality products which we have come to expect from this printer.

What are some of the benefits of working with Paradigm for your offshore printing?

We know which supplier to match your job to based on your quality, price, turnaround and delivery requirements. For the last six years our offshore printers have provided us with a proven track record of quality and attention to detail. They have sometimes advised us of issues at the proofing stage that even the client has missed during the sign off process. Good to know when you've got 1016 pages of content to approve!

 We have suppliers in various geographic locations in Asia. Some have faster shipping to Australia because of geographical location while others have seaports with higher frequency of vessels servicing Australian ports. Earlier in 2013 a client needed to print a hard cover book very quickly for an overseas deadline. Delivery was required to Thailand, Myanmar and Australia. From our bank of suppliers we were able to get a good price to print their job in a factory in Singapore that had in-house binding facilties. This facilitiated a faster turnaround for production and the geographical location of the factory gave us the best delivery schedules for all three international destinations.


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Paradigm treated my project with care and respect, and have been so supportive and encouraging. 
Caylie Jefferey
Author, Under the Lino